Kimark Pony Express

July 21, 2015


She was (almost) everything I didn't want. Most notably, she is not a boy. Fate sometime has a way of stepping in and changing all your plans.


What I thought was a moderate energy sheltie before (Indie) I am finding out is actually a pretty low energy sheltie. Vixen is a whole new can of something or other. She literally NEVER stops. If I can see that she needs her to rest, I have to crate her and she has to be put away in a room alone. Otherwise she will stand silently in her crate, staring at you. It is a little unnerving. 


She goes all day and all night; loves toys and LOVES FOOD. She has a huge sense of entitlement, so working on IYC will be of the highest priority with this one - no unsupervised food with this one....ever.


She has been fun, growing way to fast and is well on her way to looking like a little lady. I have forbidden her to grow any taller than 15", but that seems like it might be battle lost.

UPDATE 2016 - This little firecracker had a great year. We progressed through agility training at a steady pace and I am happy with the results. We dabbled in Rally a little, and while it wasn't magical, she did earn her Rally Novice title in April. I am excited to see what the next year has in store for us!!

UPDATE 2017 - This year was wild! Vixen made her agility debut and put in some impressive performance. I did not too bad myself - although I do feel a little out of practice. She is a precision machine and sometimes I feel out of my league with this girl. 

UPDATE 2018 -The year did not start like I had hoped. Vixen seemed off early in the year and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Come April she was moving in and out of a sit and down like a 15 year old dog. She struggled to get to her feet comfortably. We saw several specialists and did every diagnostic short of an MRI - we were real close though. Pretty much every injury was rules out, so the consensus was that she was weak and painful in lumbar spine. We treated her aggressively with physio (laser and fitness), osteopathic treatments, and weekly chiropractic adjustments for 8 straight weeks. Come December I seemed to have my girl back, so we started back in a puppy agility class - that's right...we went all the back to the beginning just to be sure her body could handle that challenge.

UPDATE 2019 - From puppy class, to foundations, to handling, and then finally to course work...Vixen's body held up through it all. My girl was back - for real this time! We took it easy this year, entering a few select events, and even then only a few runs at weekend. She never fails to impress me. I did enter Vixen in her first Regionals this year, but a bout of gastro sidelined her at the last minute so I had to pull her - much to her dismay. This year also started taking our Rally training a little more seriously. Seeing her heel at my side, with her big goofy smile on her face brings my heart so much joy.

UPDATE 2020 - The year the world stood still. Between lockdowns we were able to attend a few outdoor sporting events. In July Vixen expertly finished off her Advanced Games title, and literally alongside her brother achieved her CARO Novice Brace title. Other than a few trails, we mostly stayed home, but really dived in to online training. I am loving the novel classes we have been taking, which is good, because I am mostly bored out of my mind. Ooooooo! I forgot! We participated in the virtual UKI Canadian Open event. Vixen placed 1st Overall in the 12" Speedstakes Challenge! That was super cool!

UPDATE 2021 - More pandemic, a lot more not much going on. I decided to get Vixen spayed in the late Spring after she had a very weird and intense false pregnancy. Her recovery was without complications, but wasn't straightforward either. In a follow-up vet appointment we then discovered she had hypo-thyroid. It was a few more months of working out her meds, and getting the weight off, but we started back in online classes late in the year. I did manage to get out to exactly one trial this year. We were chasing one more Advanced Standard Q for our title, and she pulled it off on her first run. It was a brutally hot day (the whole summer was hot-hot-hot) so after we collected her title ribbon we packed up and went home. On one of the days I hosted a trial here, a student ran Vixen in Steeplechase and earned two Q's and her Master Steeplechase Dog of Canada title. It was fun to see someone else run my dogs and how well they were able to work together.


ADC - Agility Dog of Canada - August 15, 2019 @ More Dogs
SGDC - Starters Games Dog of Canada - May 14, 2019 @ Guides Canins

AGDC - Advanced Games Dog of Canada - July 11, 2020 @ Paws-4-Fun Agility

AADC - Advanced Agility Dog of Canada - June 19, 2021 @ Outback Agility

MSCDC - Masters Steeplechase Dog of Canada - July 2, 2021 @ Millennium Dog Sports



IND - International Novice Dog - May 13, 2020 @ UKI Virtual Trial

SSN - Speedstakes Novice Dog - July 1, 2020 @ UKI Virtual Trial

CRNCL - Rally Novice Cum Laude - April 16, 2016 @ The Agility Connection
CRAMCL - Rally Advanced Magna Cum Laude - November 10, 2018 @ The Agility Connection

CRNT - Rally Novice Team - May 4, 2019 @ The Agility Connection

CNB - Rally Novice Brace - October 31, 2020 @ Millennium Dog Sports

CRXMCL - Rally Excellent Magna Cum Laude - June 21, 2021 @ CARO Virtual Trials

CRAT - Rally Advanced Team - June 21, 2021 @ CARO Virtual Trials


TKN - Novice Trick Dog - November 25, 2017 @ Maple Myst

TKI - Intermediate Trick Dog - November 25, 2017 @ Maple Myst

TKA - Advanced Trick Dog - February 17, 2018 @ Maple Myst

TKP - Trick Dog Performer - February 17, 2018 @ Maple Myst



HIC - Herding Instincts Test - July 17, 2016 @ Ewenique Farms, K9 Sports Fest (Maxville, ON)

HIC - Herding Instincts Test - October 2017 @ Ewenique Farms, Alfred ON


UKI Canadian Open 2020 (virtual) - Speedstakes 1 - 1st Place

UKI Canadian Open 2020 (virtual) - Speedstakes 2 - 1st Place

UKI Canadian Open 2020 (virtual) - Biathlon Jumping - 3rd Place

UKI Canadian Open 2020 (virtual) - Speedstakes Overall - 1st Place