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Agility Training Field

The fully fenced agility field measures 95'x125' and can be used for both training and competition. The turf is well manicured, mowed every 4-7 days (as required) during the outdoor season, and is flat and free of holed/divots. 

The field is fully stocked with all agility equipment needed for training for AAC, CKC, and UKI competition. In addition, several training aids are provided in order to give puppies and novice dogs the best head-start.

To rent the agility field for training or an event, please email:


Photo by Chantelle Charlebois

Turf Building

In June 2019 construction was completed on our new training building. The 40'x80' space is fully insulated, and has large garage doors on either end that lets a breeze pass through. In the December 2019 we added propane heating for comfortable training all winter long.

It had been my personal experience that JutaGrass turf was going to be the best footing for training my dogs on every day. The majority of our time is spent training at home, and it is at home that I must provide the safest footing in order to prevent injuries.

To rent the turf building for training or an event, please email:

Building Interior

Photo by Chantelle Charlebois


It isn't here yet, but the 45' long dock diving pool is on order, and the lumber is piling up. If the stars align the pool will be ready by early June 2021.

We will have experienced instructors on board to help those new to the sport, and plenty of rental time available to those already experienced on the dock.

Plans are in place to have the pool heated for the 2022 season, so we can start the pool season earlier, and run later. Keep an eye out for more updates!


Disc/Competition Field

This field is 120'x250', partially fenced (2' high ring barrier), and able to accommodate "furthest catch" in disc competition. This ring can be transformed in to two 120'x125' agility rings.

Open/Tracking Field

Approximately 10 acres of open field and 10 acres of young, manicured bush/forest, are available for various sports training. From field, to tracking, and lure course/sprinter, this field will suite your needs.

Walking Trail

Two kilometers of mowed walking trails circle the property; offering a tranquil, safe, and private outing for you and your dog. 

On leash walks are recommended; wildlife is abundant on the property.

Dog Run

Photo by Nancy Trus

Photo by Bonnie Schott


1051 Calypso St

Casselman, ON