Shield Crest Rockstar Supernova


June 27, 2017

Keen was a planned, but still an unexpected addition to our home. The sudden passing of Indie left a huge hole in our lives; one that had to be filled with a supersized personality. This puppy came a year earlier than planned, but he was from the same stud as Vixen, and was very much what I was looking for in a puppy - maybe too much.

We knew he was going to be a big sheltie from the beginning, but at 17.75" he is really huge. His excuse is that he needed a bigger body to contain all his awesomeness. Boys.

This kid truly is amazing. He has the same great work ethic as his sister, but has all these weird quirky things about him that are so incredibly endearing and unique. He loves to run for the sake of running, and loves nothing more than teasing other dogs, and soliciting a truly never ending game of  chase - just for the shear joy of soaring across the ground, and feeling the wind low in his beautiful 'mane'.

The dog truly embodies the notion of living life to the fullest; and no one and nothing can stop him.


ADC - Agility Dog of Canada - July 11, 2019 @ More Dogs

AADC - Advanced Agility Dog of Canada - November 2, 2019 @ Absolute Agility
SGDC - Starters Games Dog of Canada - January 3, 2020 @ Club d' Agilité de Montréal



IND - International Novice Dog - May 21, 2020 @ UKI at Home

SSN - Speedstakes Novice - May 2, 2020 @ UKI at Home

CRNCL - Rally Advanced Magna Cum Laude - April 16, 2016 @ The Agility Connection

CRAMCL - Rally Advanced Magna Cum Laude - November 10, 2018 @ The Agility Connection

CNT - Rally Novice Team - June 28, 2019 @ CARO Virtual Trial

CNB - Rally Novice Brace - October 31, 2020 @ Millennium Dog Sports


TKN - Novice Trick Dog - February 17, 2018 @ Maple Myst

TKI - Intermediate Trick Dog - February 17, 2018 @ Maple Myst



HIC - Herding Instincts Test -2018 @ Ewenique Farms, Alfred ON



AAC East Ontario Regionals - Jumpers 1 - 1st Place

UKI Canadian Open 2020 (virtual) - Speedstakes 1 - 4th Place

UKI Canadian Open 2020 (virtual) - Biathlon Jumping - 3rd Place

UKI Canadian Open 2020 (virtual) - Speedstakes Overall - 6th Place