Chantelle Charlebois

Owner/Operator & Senior Instructor

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Marie-Hélène Lacasse


Hi! My name is Marie-Hélène - or MH to make it simple. I’ve been involved in performance dog sports for over 15 years now, starting with my crazy Jack Russell Terrier, Mozart. He was my first dog and quite the learning curve!


Since then, I’ve owned a variety of breeds, from a bull terrier to whippets, and kelpies in between. I’ve titled my dogs in flyball, agility, rally-obedience, disc dog, straight racing, and rats detection. I was captain of my flyball team for 7 years.


I love to train my dogs and spend time with them. For me, training isn't a chore, it's a passion. I use positive reinforcement methods, and incorporating rewards with food or toys. For me, it's important that my dogs learn through play and that training is positive, which strengthens the relationship between me and them. I want them to feel like the superstars they are from day 1!

I am always on the lookout for the newest training methods, and I regularly attend classes or seminars on various topics regarding performance sports. To continue my education, and ensure my dogs are well rounded athletes, I completed a Canine Fitness Certification from the Companion Animal Science Institute.

I live with my husband and our 5 dogs: Wicked (Terrier x), Toxic (Cattle Dog x JRT), TooMuch (Whippet), Traction, (working Kelpie), and Jungle my rising star (Australian Kelpie).


Rachel Philp


Hi! I’m Rachel, and I’m excited to teach agility at Millennium Dog Sports.


Agility has helped me have great relationships with my dogs. With a positive attitude, I always want to improve my dogs’ skills with positive reinforcement methods, and I hope to bring this to my students.


I love to build skills by using them in everyday activities, rather than always having ‘training time’. I enjoy attending agility seminars and workshops to be up to date on the latest training methods in agility.

In agility, I have placed at both Regionals and National competitions (and have reached the podium multiple times), and am currently competing with my two English Cocker Spaniels, Molly and Mayday.

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Kim Marston


Hi folks! I am Kim Marston, your Life Skills, Manners, and Obedience instructor! I have been involved in dog training since my university days, back in the early 2000s. It began at the Toronto Humane Society, walking the shelter dogs and learning as much as I could from the in-house trainer about the typical shelter dog behavioural issues.


Shortly after graduation and starting my career as a Public Health Inspector, I adopted my first dog, a border collie named Sadie, and began agility training. Being a competitive person always looking for a new challenge - and an animal lover - agility quickly became a passion for me.


I am continuously upgrading my skills and knowledge base from industry leaders. I have trained with several different trainers in the area, attended workshops from out-of-town trainers, taken online courses, and practiced learned skills with my dogs, friends’ dogs, and with dogs I have fostered.


Currently, I work full-time in the cannabis industry, am a foster coordinator with a local dog rescue, and I am involved in several competitive dog sports with some of my pups.


I live with my husband, Scotty, and our four pups: Joey the Border-Jack, Buddy the Lab mix, Stevie the Border Collie, and Pete the Caucasian Shepherd.  I am thrilled to be working with Chantelle at Millennium Dog Sports and looking forward to meeting everyone and their doggos!


Bryanna Lester

Administration and Event Trial Secretary

Hi! My name is Bryanna and I am the Millennium Dog Sports Admin and Event Trial Secretary. I work as a nurse and spend most of my free time with my dog Ellie.


I adopted Ellie as a puppy five years ago and searched out training classes that lead us from puppy classes, to obedience classes and eventually to dog sports. We were hooked instantly and agility has become our favourite!


We have been training with Millennium since its opening in 2018 and have loved watching it grow while gaining new experiences and new friends. I love introducing people to the wonderful world of dog sports. I look forward to helping you find the right class for you and your dog!

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We are looking forward to growing the Millennium Dog Sports Team over the coming years.  We already have two new instructors waiting to come on board in 2021 as we grow our selection of obedience and sports classes.