Property & Facilities

My husband and I moved to the property in July 2016. We found this place after an exhaustive search lasting over 2 years. When we moved in, it was a blank slate - ready to become whatever we wanted to make of it. 

2019 saw the completion of the 40'x80' indoor, heated training building with JutaGrass turf. 2022 will bring a new outdoor puppy and obedience ring, as well 2022 will be the final installation of a dock diving pool.

It will be a lot of work, but I am looking forward to the new challenges this new venture is going to bring.


Photo by Chantelle Charlebois


My passion is agility, and I have dedicated my life to learning everything I could about the sport. It wasn't enough for me to just take classes, workshops and online courses from the greatest talents in the sport, I worked to actually master the skills taught to me. 

I teach competitive handlers and their dogs skills in incremental layers of learning. Teaching skills in this manner ensures both the handler and dog can learn the skills they need to in order to get around every agility course with ease, precision, and most of all without error.

I specialize in engagement and relationship building, error-less stopped contacts that hold up in competition, and ridiculously impressive weave skills. Just to top that off, students will learn fluid and efficient handling techniques that can get them around any level agility course with ease.

Come join me today so I can help you and your best friend start your agility journey off on the right paw. Already have some experience, but struggling to have success in competition? I can help there too.


Photo by Eric Charlebois


Photo by Lynda Graveline

Rally& Obedience

Rally has quickly grown in popularity over the past five years. A new spin on traditional obedience allows teams to work through a signed course of fun and engaging obedience skills.

As teams begin to master skills, dogs are challenged with not only agility equipment (jumps, tunnel, weaves) but also heeling on the non-traditional right side.

My approach to rally is of precision, without sacrificing the joy, and relationship between the handler and dog.


Photo by Lynda Graveline

Dock Diving

**The Pool is on order, and we are working hard to bring you Dock very soon!**


Dock diving, or Dock Jumping, is the perfect sport for any water loving dog. Dogs learn to run and jump from a dock in to a specialty designed pool.

After a dog has mastered "the dock" handlers work with their dogs to achieve different challenges on the dog. From furthest jump, to highest jump (and grab), to fastest swim. 

Dock is a fantastic recreational sport for any dog owner. A great way to keep dogs cool in the summer...not to mention fit and happy.


We're not offering these sports right now.

Check back in a few months!

Photo by Marie-Claire Guindon



Photo by Nancy Trus

If your dog loves to play with a "Frisbee" then Disc might just be the perfect sport for them.

Scent, Barn & Brush


Does your dog love to use their nose? Do they follow scent trails, or hunt for critters? Put that nose to work.



Photo by Lynda Graveline

If your pup is the life of the party, Tricks may just be sport for them. Show the world how brilliant your dog really is.